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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the first step in the rental process?

The first step in our rental process is scheduling an appointment to tour the property with one of our agents. You must tour a property before you can apply. All tenants who will be on the lease must tour the property themselves.


What are your qualifications?

After your tour, you can apply for the property if you would like. There is a $100 non-refundable application fee per person whose income and credit will need to be considered. The combined monthly income of the household after taxes must be at least 3x the rental rate. We also do a credit for no specific score. Instead, we consider positive versus negative accounts, length of credit history, and debt to income ratio. Hospital bills and student loans do not count negatively or positively. Finally, if you have rented previously, we try to get a rental reference.


What is the difference between family/professional and student properties?

While families and professionals can rent anything on the student list, students must pick a property on the student rental list. This is because these properties accept guarantors for full-time students. A student can rent a family/professional property as long as they meet our qualifications found in Question 2.

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